The Solid Waste District maintains a Recycling Directory for Business & Industry that lists companies that recycle, reuse or compost a wide variety of waste materials produced by businesses and institutions in Cuyahoga County.  


Because our county has a highly developed recycling and composting infrastructure, businesses have the opportunity to recycle more and landfill less than anywhere else in Ohio.  Doing so will reduce your company's waste disposal costs -- proving that what's good for business can also be good for our environment.


Materials which are recyclable or reusable in Cuyahoga County can be searched in the dark blue What Do I Do With? search bar at the top of every page of this website. Scroll down to see a list of options under Business Locations. You will find a list of companies, listed by distance from your location, that accept the items you wish to recycle or compost.  Because services vary by company, please contact each to verify recycling procedures, drop-off or pick-up information, and potential charges. 


If you have a specfic question about a material, or need help setting up a waste reduction program for your company or business, contact the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District's business recycling specialist at (216) 443-3732.